Head of Design


Janis Zech, Philipp Stelzer & the whole Weflow team


2021 - 2022

About the project

What is the project about?

Weflow is a cutting-edge solution designed to optimize and streamline the process of updating Salesforce, managing the sales pipeline, and driving revenue growth.

Who did I collaborate with?

I had the privilege of collaborating closely with Janis Zech, founder of Weflow and Fyber, and Philipp Stelzer, Cofounder and Head of Product, and the rest of the talented Weflow team.

Scope of responsibilities

As the founding designer for Weflow, I was responsible for the overall design of the brand, product (mac OS app, web app, and Chrome extension), and website using Webflow and ensuring a cohesive visual identity throughout all aspects of the project.


The primary challenges that we faced

Rapid iteration and experimentation were key challenges in finding the optimal product-market fit for Weflow. The product also faced a challenge in handling and presenting large amounts of data from Salesforce in a user-friendly way. These challenges were overcome through extensive testing and iteration resulting in a valuable user experience.


Factors that have influenced user behavior

User testing and initial feedback for Weflow’s latest pivot has been overwhelmingly positive, praised for its productivity, design, and time-saving capabilities for sales development representatives and sales professionals. The feedback confirms the success of our design and development efforts.

Effect on achieving business objectives

Our extensive research and iterative approach led to the successful raise of another seed funding round, positioning Weflow to succeed in the market and make a positive impact on the industry.

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