Real Moments


Freelance Designer


Eyal Gura



About the project

What is the project about?

Real Moments is a mobile application that allows users to solicit feedback and insights from their network on relevant topics through voice-enabled technology. Utilizing advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, the app provides a seamless user experience.

Who did I collaborate with?

I had the privilege of working in close collaboration with Eyal Gura, a highly accomplished and experienced serial entrepreneur, and founder of Zebra Medical Vision.

Scope of responsibilities

As the founding designer for Real Moments, I was responsible for defining the concept, iterating, and conducting testing to identify potential product-market fit for iOS app.


The primary challenges that we faced

The primary challenge we faced was creating a product with the potential to generate a network effect. Our solution was to design a simple yet powerful interface, coupled with an AI assistant to facilitate navigation and provide assistance when needed.


Factors that have influenced user behavior

Our approach generated significant interest during user testing. The ability to easily access and utilize one's professional network to address various challenges was well-received and considered a valuable feature.

Effect on achieving business objectives

The development phase of the project is yet to commence, however, we have already garnered the attention of potential investors.

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