Degen Domains


Cofounder & Designer


Tomas Hanacek


2022 - Present

About the project

What is the project about?

Degen Domains, formerly known as LNS, is a multi-chain name service platform that enables users to purchase or bid for domain names within the Cosmos and Solana ecosystems. This platform seamlessly integrates with key protocols and facilitates the creation of personalized profiles that aggregate all on-chain activity.

Who did I collaborate with?

I am currently collaborating on the development of Degen Domains alongside my long-time friend and highly skilled developer and entrepreneur, Tomas Hanacek. Together, we have a history of creating a number of side projects and businesses.

Scope of responsibilities

In my role on the Degen Domains project, I was responsible for a wide range of design-related tasks, including branding and product design. Additionally, I play a key role in business development, strategy, and partnerships, which are essential to the success of the project.


The primary challenges that we faced

One of the primary challenges faced during the development of Degen Domains was the creation of a visually striking and unique brand, as well as designing a product with a user-centric approach. A significant aspect of this challenge was understanding the needs of our users, particularly in regard to the information they would like displayed on their profiles.


Factors that have influenced user behavior

We are extremely excited about the positive feedback we have received from our users regarding the user interface, overall smooth experience, and brand recognition of Degen Domains.

Effect on achieving business objectives

In the initial two days of launch on the Terra 2.0 chain, we were able to successfully sell over 1,500 domains. Given that this chain is currently relatively inactive, this is a strong indication of the potential for success on other chains within the Cosmos and Solana ecosystems.

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