Senior Product Designer


Kai Rader and the whole MetaLab team



About the project

What is the project about?

CoScreen lets multiple teammates easily share resizable, interactive windows at the same time. Remote pair programming, debugging, onboarding, editing, and more.

Who did I collaborate with?

I had the pleasure of working with the talented MetaLab team, specifically the Design Director, Kai Reader. Our client for this project was CoScreen.

Scope of responsibilities

Our primary objective was to develop a version 1.0 macOS application from the ground up.


The primary challenges that we faced

The primary challenge we encountered was the design of an "invisible" user interface that is easily accessible during use but disappears during calls or presentations.


Factors that have influenced user behavior

The ability to seamlessly establish a CoScreen and connect with colleagues to share specific windows or the entire screen, while maintaining control over the shared content was key.

Effect on achieving business objectives

CoScreen was acquired by Datadog one year following our collaboration.

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